Amazing Spider-Man Classics

ASM Classics 001 – Amazing Fantasy 15

Here it is, folks!  The start of your journey through every Spider-Man book and guest appearance, beginning with Amazing Fantasy 15 and going forward indefinitely.  In Amazing Spider-Man Classics, we’ll be reviewing and discussing every issue of every Spider-Man series, giving the same treatment to his guest appearances in other books, and tossing at least a mention at every cameo we can find.

In this introductory episode, Jon is joined by Bertone and Donovan to look at the origins of our favorite web-slinger in the lead story of a cancelled anthology sci-fi book.  In future, we will usually handle two issues or more per episode, but we spent some extra time relishing and poking fun at this Twilight Zone-style story.

Once during the episode, Jon mentions a Michael Bailey blog entry that can be found here.

Enjoy!  Comment!  Download every episode twice!  And we’ll be back with Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 before you can wiggle your webs!

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