Amazing Spider-Man Classics

ASMC 004 – Strange Tales Annual 2

Flamin’ fireballs!  It’s the first ever Spider-Man team-up and the lucky sonovagun is the Human Torch!  Or, since technically this is Johnny Storm’s annual, maybe we should make him seem like the lead with Spidey the guest star?  Ah, well, it doesn’t matter.  This was a pretty wonky ride, so join Jon Wilson, Josh Bertone, and Donovan Grant, as they are joined by guest co-host Zach Henderson (from Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast), and get ready for “one of the most epic thrillers of all time!!”

We also take a brief look at Spider-Man’s backup appearance in The Fantastic Four Annual 1.

Feedback will also be read this week.  We got a lot of responses, including a question answered by some guy named Stan Lee.  If you’d like to contact the show and have your words read on the air and your name proclaimed to millions (that’s Gerald K. Millions, our sound editor), please email us, leave a review on iTunes, or simply comment on this page.

Amazing Spider-Man Classics is dedicated to covering every issue of Spider-Man’s series, as well as every guest and cameo appearance we can find.  Join us again next week for Amazing Spider-Man 5 and 6, featuring Spider-Man’s first tangle with dastardly Dr. Doom and the loquacious Lizard!

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