Amazing Spider-Man Classics

ASMC 005 – Amazing Spider-Man 5 and 6

Welcome back to Amazing Spider-Man Classics, where we are committed to taking you through every issue, every guest feature, and every cameo appearance we can find of the amazing Spider-Man!

This week, Jon, Josh, and Don are again joined by Zach (from Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast) to go back to Spidey’s main book after our team-up time-out last week.  Spider-Man has to cross swords, or finger guns, with the metal-masked menace of the Fantastic Four — Dr. Doom!  And after that, he then takes the world’s shortest vacation to the Everglades to confront the Lizard!

Two of our favorite panels mentioned on the show are evil Peter

and the Darling Pet Monkey ad!  (Live delivery guaranteed!)

Some notes about the show this week: In the intro, I mention a survey in which you are invited to take part. That can be found here. Also, despite his frequent appearances on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Dr. Doom and Spider-Man simply have not crossed paths many times over the years. After this issue, Dr. Doom does not feature in another Spider-Man story until Amazing Spider-Man Annual 14, and they don’t even meet face to face there. Their next actual meeting is Marvel Treasury Edition featuring Superman and Spider-Man 28 from 1981.

Please write us notes.  You have lots of places you can do it.  You can send us email, leave reviews on iTunes, drop us a line at Facebook, or even leave a comment here.  Amazing Spider-Man Classics will return next week to close out April with Amazing Spider-Man 7 and 8. See you there!

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