Amazing Spider-Man Classics

ASMC 006 – Amazing Spider-Man 7 and 8

What? You’re back? You must be looking for some classic Spider-Man goodness.  Well, this week serves up the goods for Amazing Spider-Man 7 and 8.  Jon, Don, and Josh are joined again by Zach Henderson from Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast, as we wrap up our April episodes (even though it’s May now cuz Jon had laptop problems).  You’ll get the Vulture’s return, the stupidest robot in the history of robots, and Spidey crashing a party in order to score some team-up action.  Strange Tales 115 also gets some brief attention, because Amazing Spider-Man Classics is committed to covering every Spider-Man book, as well as every Spider-Man guest or cameo appearance that we can find.

Note: The blooper reel contains some discussion of a religious icon that is rather indelicate in its humor.  Feel free to turn off the podcast during the closing music if such talk may offend you.

Now, who wants some out of context theater?  We let our imagination run wild with these.

So that’s it for this week.  Let us know what you think.  You can send us email, leave reviews on iTunes, drop us a line at Facebook, or even leave a comment here.

Thanks again for listening.  We’ll be back later in May with a new guest co-host to help us tear into Amazing Spider-Man 9-13.

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