Amazing Spider-Man Classics

ASMC 007 – Amazing Spider-Man 9

Here we are with a new month and a new round of classic Spidey episodes.  This month, Joshua, Donovan, and I have joining us Mr. Jeffrey Taylor, co-host of the world-renowned From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast.  This is a special occasion for me because his and Michael Bailey’s work over on that show is what got me into comic book podcasts in the first place and helped to inspire the show you are looking at now.  So I strongly urge you to check them out if you haven’t already.

Amazing Spider-Man Classics is devoted to covering every Spider-Man book, as well as every guest or cameo appearance we can find.  This week, we kick things off with a look back at a Golden Age villain of the Justice Society, Evil Star!  Wait…  I mean, Electro, who is Spider-Man’s villain.  Sorry, I get confused some times.  But can you blame me?  If you think Jeffrey’s DC-ness is influencing my brain, just look at this guy…

We give a nod to a cameo in The Avengers 3, and then we have a ball of a time discussing Amazing Spider-Man 9, along the way speculating on Betty Brant’s affection for her brother.  We’re talking real Star Wars love here.

We’re also reading email this time around.  If you feel led by the Spidey Spirit, please drop us a line with your comments, questions, and explanations.  Also, we encourage you to leave reviews on iTunes, join our group on Facebook, or even leave a comment here.  Thanks for listening!

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