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ASMC 017 – Amazing Spider-Man 23

Emails, emails, and more emails!  Between the recording of this episode a month ago and its publication, the emails have begun to stack up, so rather than make you wonderful people wait longer for a response, we recorded an email segment to accompany our somewhat shorter coverage of Amazing Spider-Man 23.  And that ended up being half the episode.  But keep sending them in.  We have a strategy now for addressing emails in a more regular fashion, so never fear to write.

This week, Spider-Man is faced once again by his nemesis from Hollywood, the Green Goblin.  We also see the Goblin maskless for the first time, though neither Spider-Man nor readers of the day realized it at the time.  That insight adds some extra dimension to the story, which we explore on the episode.

We also explore the ginormity of the Goblin’s ears:

There is also a pin-up in this issue, and as promised, here is a link to the image:  Amazing Spider-Man 23.

Speaking of email, continue to write in to the show, or share your thoughts in the comment section below.  We also always welcome reviews on iTunes.  Emails and iTunes reviews will receive response on the show.  Enjoy!

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