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ASMC 018 – Amazing Spider-Man 24 and 25

We’re wrapping up September with a bang, Spider-Fans!  Not only is this our longest episode yet, not only does this episode include the silver anniversary issue of Amazing Spider-Man, not only do we get to see the first (kinda) appearance of Mary Jane Watson, but also we are joined this episode by none other than Gerard Delatour, reviewer of The Amazing Spider-Man for the Spider-Man Crawl Space (check out those reviews here)!

In Amazing Spider-Man 24 and 25, Mysterio returns in the guise of a psychiatrist, out to catch Spider-Man by proving that he is INSANE.  Then, two years of publication come to a head as J. Jonah Jameson uses a robot to catch that web-slinging menace, but at the same time Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, and Liz Allan all converge at Peter’s house right in the middle of a visit by the mysterious Mary Jane Watson.  The fit really hits the shan, and you can see the actual page here!  And you know you want some funny art, so here you go:

Also, there is some debate on the episode about Mary Jane’s fashion choice in this issue. Here is an example of Audrey Hepburn sporting the look that MJ may have been going for.

This catches the show up to my self-imposed schedule.  From here on, I’m planning on a steady thrice-monthly release schedule, on or around the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month.  And in October, we have great things in mind for the Green Goblin and the Crime-Master, the Molten Man and Peter’s graduation, the return of the Scorpion, a team-up with Dr. Strange, and… Cat.  So, that’s Amazing Spider-Man 26-30 and Annual 2, coming at you over the course of the next month!

As always we enjoy receiving your emails, which we’ll now be addressing nearly every episode (when we have any), so write and write often!  Or share your thoughts in the comment section below.  We also always welcome reviews on iTunes, which will also receive response on the show.  Enjoy!

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