Golden Age Superman

Golden Age Superman 001 — May 1938

Welcome and thank you for checking out this new podcast on the Golden Age Superman.  Here, we’ll be covering every appearance of the character from Action Comics 1 forward.

In this first episode, I take some time to introduce myself and the purpose of the show, but then we get down to business examining the first issue of Action Comics, focusing on the Superman story, but also taking a brief look at the rest of the contents of the issue.

For now, each episode will simply consist of an Action Comics synopsis and review.  Down the road, when there are multiple issues per month, I’ll cover those as well, grouping issues into episodes according to release date.  Most of Superman’s titles were not monthly, so cover dates are sometimes hard to classify, so we’ll stick to approximate release dates of the issues.

I hope you enjoy the ride.  Golden Age Superman is a proud member of the Superman Podcast Network.  You can follow the show on Facebook or subscribe to it on iTunes.  If you wish to send feedback, you may do so below or via email.  Thank you for listening!

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