Amazing Spider-Man Classics

ASMC 022 – Amazing Spider-Man 31 and 32

Welcome to the first episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics for the new year 2011!  I hope you enjoyed the raw uberlong Christmas episode.  This one is of a bit more manageable length, but it’ll probably still be one of the larger items in your podcast folder.  Not that size matters, of course!

This episode, Josh Bertone had to bow for health reasons but left us instructions to continue without him.  So Jon Wilson and Don Grant are joined by the one and only Scott Gardner of the podcasts Two True Freaks!, Back to the Bins!, Tales of the Justice Society of America, and Death and the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke: The Jonah Hex Podcast, all of which can be found at one website and under the Two True Freaks! podcast feed on iTunes.

This episode, it’s college time for Peter, where he meets a new cast of chracters, including Emma Stone!  But he’s so worried about his aunt’s health, he pays them no attention and is immediately shunned for it because these guys have real class!

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