Golden Age Superman

GASup 022 February 1940 A

Golden Age Superman is proud to present its first two-part episode!  The second month of 1940 saw more Superman content being published than in any month previous, with Superman 4 (for the first time presenting four all-new stories) and Action Comics 23 both featuring the first adventures of none other than Luthor himself.  Then there are the newspaper daily and Sunday strips, a special comic story published in Look magazine, AND the debut of the Adventures of Superman RADIO show!  Talk about huge.  And, not afraid to take something big and make it bigger, I’ve invited Superman podcaster extraordinaire Michael Bailey (of Views from the Longbox and From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast) to join me in taking a look at everything Superman was up to this month.  To give everything the time it deserves, I’ve split it over two episodes, and this is the first.  Have fun with it!

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