Amazing Spider-Man Classics

ASMC 032 – Amazing Spider-Man 46

You’ve waited.  You’ve sweated.  You’ve sued for creator rights and fought over first place in line to see the movie!  Now, here it is, folks!  The next episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics, yaaaaaayyyy!!!

Today, ladies and gentleman*, we are looking at one episode of Amazing Spider-Man.  We had planned for two, but one took long enough.  And actually, you may see more episodes in the future with only one issue covered.  I’m contemplating the ifs of a format change.

So to join us for this look at Amazing Spider-Man 46 is Tyler Crone, whom you have have heard on Of Mercs and Mutants, From Yellow to Red: A Daredevil Podcast, or as the new regular cohost with me and Zach over at Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast.  And he helps us to take a look at the first appearance of the Shocker.  It’s full of Silver Spoon goodness and college hijinks galore (but not that kind**).  And, we wrap up with a 1966 YEAR IN REVIEW!!

In the email section, a writer mentions his weekly RPGH podcast, Kicked in the Dicebags, and that he played our promo in one particular episode.  So if RPGs are up your alley, go check out his show.

In the ads, we talk about the ad for the oh-so-NOT-amazing Digi Comp I.  If our descriptions weren’t clear or perked your interest, there are some videos here, and here, that show you what this ELECTRONIC COMPUTER BRAIN is all about lol.  Yeah, essentially it is a mechanical binary counter that runs from 0 to 7 in binary.  Possibly “educational”, and maybe “fun at parties” for like five seconds, but no way it “solves riddles” or “even tells fortunes,” as the ad says.  Yes, it adds.  One at a time.  But no subtraction, multiplication, or memorization.  No clue what those ad writers were smoking (other than the money of underage suckers who read comic books).

There are some emails read this time around, so if you would like to have your opinion read on the show regarding the books or our comments on them, drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to do it.

*No, that’s not a spelling mistake.  It’s supposed to be a joke, a reversal of “lady and gentlemen”, like there’s a bunch of girls listening to this show but only one random guy.  Get it?  (I know how to spell.)

**I was gonna link to some college porn and decided that might be like crying on the spamphone for spammers to come and spam my site with spam, spammingly.

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