Golden Age Superman

GASup 028B July 1940

Golden Age Superman is back again, this time with 100% more voices!  This episode covers the second half of Superman’s adventures from July 1940, and I am joined by Charlie Niemeyer (of Superman in the Bronze Age and frequently of The Thrilling Adventures of Superman) to look at Action Comics 28, where Jack Burnley becomes the regular artist on the title.  It’s circus silliness involving a thief in leopard print, so brace yourselves!  Then Clark disguises himself as a tramp during the week while finally taking down the “Lamite” on Sunday in the newspapers, with a trip to Happyland Amusement Park coming at us from the radio show!  The fun-filled episode is filled with fun, so check it out!

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New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 Adventures of Superman Promo

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