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New 52 16 Superboy 7

This week on The New 52 Adventures of Superman, Jon and Dave are joined by Rennie Cowan of the Superboy Theater website.  Superboy 7 and Teen Titans 7 bring the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. storyline to a head before diving into The Culling, so we give both books an in-depth analysis and do a little bit of a look back at the road that has brought us here.

Superboy 7 — “Untamed Rose!” — Superboy brings the fight to N.O.W.H.E.R.E., and Rose is there at the door to fend him off.  Who will win? Who will lose? And who, exactly, is Harvest?

Teen Titans 7 — “Assault on Project 13” — Not sure exactly what a Project 13 is, but Superboy is the goal of the Titans’ rescue mission.  Only things don’t exactly go well.

The episode is admittedly a tad off-format, but the point we’ve reached in this story merited a concerted look at both titles, and as a Superboy fan, we want to thank Rennie for bringing a lot of great insight.  So come check out the episode!

Next episode due August 1

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