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New 52 28 Supergirl Superman 12 Superman Annual 1

The first year is over.  The New 52 is firmly established and not going anywhere.  And we close this first year with a five-week month, which gives us our first Superman Annual.  Jon and Dave discuss that and the other Superbooks this month, including the following stories:

Supergirl 12 — “Inheritance” — Supergirl learns the truth of the only remaining Kryptonians, preserved in the bottle city of Kandor.  So then why is there a Kryptonian voice calling to her from the bottom of the sea?

Superman 12 — “Home” — The brief Dan Jurgens run comes to a close as Superman is confronted with a dilemma.  When our heroes are kidnapped by bad guys, they’ll do anything to get home.  So why then is it bad for a kidnapped alien to use equal force to get away from its human captors?  This sparks some philosophical discussion and feelings on the run as a whole.

Superman Annual 1 — “Atonement” — Helspont’s back, and you’re gonna get in trouble.  Hey, Clark!  Hey, Clark!  Helspont’s back!  Jon and Dave discuss Scott Lobdell’s treatment of Superman’s next confrontation with the big bad of the Wildstorm universe.

Also, Superboy helps Cassie in her struggle with the silent armor in Teen Titans 12.  And don’t forget the Kiss That Launched A Thousand Blogs in Justice League 12 and its apparent ramifications in Justice League International Annual 1.  

The New 52 Adventures of Superman will be having a special “look back” episode in the near future.  What are your thoughts on this first year as a whole?  How do the stories translate from month-to-month reading to whole arcs?  Send us an email with “Look back” in the title, and be a part of the conversation for that special episode!

Thanks so much for listening. We do hope you enjoy the show, “we” being Jon M. Wilson from Golden Age Superman and J. David Weter of Superman Forever RadioPADSmash!: An Incredible Hulk Podcast and Green Lantern’s Light.  If you have thoughts on the books we cover or on our comments regarding them, please share them by writing an email or comment below.

Next episode due November 7.

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