New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 31 Action Comics Superboy 13

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast that takes a look at all the latest and greatest adventures of Superman!  This episode features reviews and analyses of the first half of October’s books, which include the following stories:

Action Comics 13 — “The Ghost in the Fortress of Solitude”

Superboy 13 — “Law and Disorder!”

There are also stops made to see our favorite femme fatales from a farallel fimension in Worlds’ Finest 5 and Superboy’s quest for answers in The Ravagers 5.

Thanks so much for listening. We do hope you enjoy the show, “we” being Jon M. Wilson from Golden Age Superman and J. David Weter of Superman Forever RadioPADSmash!: An Incredible Hulk PodcastGreen Lantern’s Light, and Superman Forever Radio.  If you have thoughts on the books we cover or on our comments regarding them, please share them by writing an email or comment below.

Expect the next episode November 28.

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