New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 33 Action Comics 14

Welcome to a new era in The New 52 Adventures of Superman!  With the major crossover happening in the main titles, “H’el on Earth,” we’re rearranging our format to give it due space.  That means we’ll be covering all of this month’s H’el material next time, and EVERYTHING else in this episode right here.  Everything but emails, which will hit in an episode all their own at the end of the month.  Our feature stories are:

Action Comics 14 — “Superman’s Mission to Mars” and “Star Light, Star Bright…”

After that, we’ll see Helena and Damian in Worlds’ Finest 6, the Justice League confront Simon Baz in Green Lantern 14, Superboy help the Ravagers against … the other Ravagers … in The Ravagers 6 and then help the Legion and Harvest against a threat in Legion Lost 14, Superman and Wonder Woman heat up in Justice League 14 before they pay a visit to Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws 14, with the episode wrapping over in New York as Wonder Girl’s origin story comes to a close in Teen Titans 14.

Thanks so much for listening. We do hope you enjoy the show, “we” being Jon M. Wilson from Golden Age Superman and J. David Weter of Superman Forever RadioPADSmash!: An Incredible Hulk PodcastGreen Lantern’s Light, and Superman Forever Radio.  If you have thoughts on the books we cover or on our comments regarding them, please share them by writing an email or comment below.

Expect the next episode December 19.

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