New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 41 Emails


New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 40 Action Comics 16

Here we are once again, this time looking at the antepenultimate chapter of Grant Morrison’s Action Comics saga in Action Comics 16.  Then we take some time with the third and fourth chapters of “Throne of Atlantis” in Justice League 16 and Aquaman 16.

Thanks so much for listening. We do hope you enjoy the show, “we” being Jon M. Wilson from Golden Age Superman and J. David Weter of Superman Forever RadioPADSmash!: An Incredible Hulk PodcastGreen Lantern’s Light, and Superman Forever Radio.  If you have thoughts on the books we cover or on our comments regarding them, please share them by writing an email or comment below.

Expect our next episode on February 27.

New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 39 H’el on Earth III

The back half of H’el on Earth has begun, and we’re here to look at the January chapters of the story as we build toward the big finale at the end of February.  The stories discussed in this episode are as follows:

Superboy 16 — “Triggers!”

Supergirl 16 — “Fast & Faster”

Superboy Annual 1 — “Lost Horizons!”

Superman 16 — “A Fistful of Sticks!”

There is also an important announcement this episode for all you regular listeners that helps to explain this episode’s tardiness and the likely delay of future episodes as well.

Thanks for listening!