Avengers Inspirations

Avengers Inspirations Episode 10

It’s been a while but Jon and Lily are back with the next installment of Avengers Inspirations.

New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 Second Anniversary — Man of Steel commentary

Jon and Dave are back to celebrate two years since the show started. And this time out, we’re talking Man of Steel. But not just talking about it, we’re watching it AND talking about it. That’s right: movie commentary, baby! So slap in your Bluray Disc or DVD and get ready to hear everything we have to say on this latest foray of Superman into the land of film.

And maybe, JUST MAYBE, you’ll find something in your stocking at the end of the show.

Golden Age Superman

GASup Christmas 1940 SPECIAL!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! I am back for this Christmas season to look at a Superman promo comic that was released around this time in 1940. Joining me all the way from England is Andrew Leyland of Hey Kids Comics and Fantasticast podcasting fame! So join us for some talk about Superman, Christmas music, and Santa Claus being unable to do his job without help (as seems to happen every year in some story or another).