New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 52 Lookback Panel Discussion

So this is big episode 52, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, I am taking a break from my usual coverage to take a look back at the New 52 as a phenomenon. You may think I hardly need a break cuz I’ve been so long without episodes, but this is the second of two episodes that I actually recorded a year ago, so there.

My guests on this episode are Paul French of the Legion of Substitute Podcasters podcast, Caleb Gerard of the Tales from the Longbox podcast, and Micheal Leyland of the Hey Kids Comics podcast. I strongly encourage following any or all of these shows as they have afforded me untold hours of listening pleasure. Thank you, fellas, for being on the show with me!

And thank you, the listener, for downloading and listening! See you in a week for BATMAN/SUPERMAN VOLUME 1: CROSS WORLD!!

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