New 52 Adventures of Superman

New 52 Road to Rebirth 01: Forever Evil

Today launches a biweekly series that I am calling Road to Rebirth. Here, I’ll be helped by Al Sedano in going through the various storylines that helped to lead directly into the events immediately preceding Rebirth. Truth, Darkseid War, and Final Days are part of that, but we have a few precursors to work through first.

So in this episode, we begin our coverage of Forever Evil. This is the first of three parts, and here we look at the first issue of the series as well as some of the Superman-centric issues from Villains Month: Metallo, Bizarro, Luthor, Brainiac, and Parasite. And in two weeks, we’ll continue with the bulk of the Forever Evil series.

Also, check out, a central location for my various podcasts. This is the inaugural post there, but you’ll see all my various shows continue to get posted there as I create episodes over the summer.

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