Superman in Crisis

SiC 07 – Vulnerable to Magic (02:28:1985)

Action Comics 567 (1:13)
World’s Finest Comics 315 (21:12)
And responding to your feedback (34:13)!

One reply on “SiC 07 – Vulnerable to Magic (02:28:1985)”

I found the story “Peri(l) in Paradise!” a mildly amusing story with the magical hijinks of Yellow Peri (which, especially with the addition of the (l) in the title, is a bit of a racial slur, even though the character, herself, is not Asian), but, again with the unexplained reasons behind the things happening in the story, other than “It’s magic!”, I wouldn’t say it was especially memorable. As a proud son of Pennsylvania, I did like the side story of Coaltown, which is obviously a version of Centralia, PA, with its decades-long fire in the coal mine tunnels under the town. I think these sorts of stories were probably adding to my confusion during the time of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It (and many of the main comic book lines) seemed completely unconnected to the Crisis that was happening until later in the development of that series, when everything started to tie together. It was as if there were two different, disconnected continuities going on at the same time.

I did like “The League of Superman Watchers” story a bit better, although, if there is a group of people dedicated to watching Superman and tracking his movements, his secret identity is definitely on thin ice.

I thought the World’s Finest story “The Juice” was kind of exciting with the tension of worrying whether Superman would get the power back on in time to inadvertently electrocute Batman (the World’s Greatest Escape Artist). Not high tension, since we know the writers aren’t going to kill off Batman, but exciting nonetheless.

As always, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Thank you.

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