Superman in Crisis

SiC 11 (real) — A Time to Die (04:04:1985)

Reviewing Crisis on Infinite Earths 4 (1:30), DC Comics Presents 83 (29:11), and Justice League of America 240 (45:24), and responding to your feedback (52:47)!

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Wow! Hell of an ending for Crisis on Infinite Earths #4. It pretty much looks like the actual end of the world, leaving readers really wondering what was going to happen next issue!
Meanwhile, in DC Comics Presents #83, and Justice League of America #240, it was “business as usual” for the superheroes, again leaving the 1985 Dave McElvenney woefully confused. All of these were interesting stories, but, at the time, things just weren’t fitting together for me. I think I was about ready to give up on the Crisis series, because, although it was clearly an epic event, and really grabbed my attention, I could not, for the life of me, figure out what was going on in the DC universe. Ultimately, I’m glad I stuck with it, but it was frustrating at the time, at least until a bit later when the mainstream books became more integrated with the Crisis series.
I especially liked the moment between Supergirl and Batgirl, which became even more poignant in light of later events in the series.
I very much enjoyed the appearance of the Outsider with the Outsiders in DC Comics presents. I had wondered, when the Outsiders team was formed, if there would be any mention of the Silver Age Batman foe, so this was a treat for me.
The Justice League story with Dr. Anomaly was a silly, fun story, with a slightly disappointing ending. When Dr. Anomaly appears in STAR labs, then disappears again, apparently causing a five-minute gap in Daphne and Fred’s (Love those names!) lives, I thought maybe it was being set up that he would return in a future story, but I don’t think that ever happened.

Feel free to include or cut this next part, as you like, from your feedback section, since it has nothing really to do with this episode, but is simply a response to your response to my previous feedback:

Of Elliot S! Maggin’s Superman novels, “Last Son of Krypton” and “Miracle Monday”, I prefer “Miracle Monday”, although I love both. It has been my tradition since I first read Miracle Monday to re-read it every year during the month of May (when the story takes place). This May will be my 42nd reading. An interesting bit of trivia about the novel: C. W. Saturn, the name of the main antagonist, is an anagram of “Curt Swan”, with whom Maggin sometimes worked. When asked about this Maggin said that he never realized that until a fan (at a convention, I believe) pointed it out.
For anyone interested, Mr. Maggin read both novels in serial form on his podcast “Elliot Makes Stuff Up”.

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