Superman in Crisis

SiC 13 — One Big Happy… (04:25:1985)

Reviewing Action Comics 569 (1:19) and World’s Finest Comics 317 (24:08)!

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Sorry this is a bit on the late side, but my wife and I were away on a trip last week, and just got back late last night, so I listened to the episode while doing the laundry today.
You mentioned, when discussing the cover of Action #569, the in-universe actor who played Superman in the movies, but you couldn’t recall his name. He was Gregory Reed, which I took to be a take-off on Christopher Reeve, to whom he bears some resemblance, I think.
The story, “Casting Call” was pretty much a one-note joke story, on the not-really-unreasonable idea that, to a very non-humanoid alien, all Earthlings (and Superman looks exactly like an Earthling, as far as we can tell. Who knows? Maybe Martians or Kryptonians can see clear and obvious differences.). Of course, the joke wears pretty thin by the end of the story.
I agree with you that “The Force of Revenge” is notable mainly for the subplot about the Superman/Lois/Clark/Lana “love quadrangle”. I seem to remember that this would be somewhat resolved later on before the Crisis — not in Lana’s favor.
In World’s Finest #317, to me, for some reason, “The Family Way II” felt a bit like a rushed ending to the story. There were fights and a “Lady or the Tiger” death threat for the heroes to solve, but it felt as if Theresa Massamino’s own choice to cut ties with her father, and the fact that the police were already involved in a sting operation, meant that the heroes were only helpful in a relatively minor way, in their own comic. Maybe that’s just me, though.

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