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SiC 14 — Quite the Challenge (05:02:1985)

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Nice episode but not enough. :)Interesting observation about Lana being the first female to try to expose Clark’s secret ID. But I will say , a reporter knowing your ID is more dangerous than a 16 year old school girl. I will second the request for bringing back the pouches podcast.

“Give Me Power . . . Give Me Your World” was an odd story to me in more ways than one. First, I don’t think of the Challengers as being “in the same league” as Superman, so it’s a little strange to see them “team up” with him (although, for the most part, they weren’t really working with>/i> him, at least not consciously. Second, the business of the Kryptonian card cancelling Zo-Mar’s super powers isn’t really explained very well in the story, so I’ll “No Prize” an explanation: Since the card did affect a fully powered Superman, it seem
s possivle that it was a magical object. Zo-Mar, as a Kryptonian, would also be vulnerable to magic, so I’ll say that part of the card’s magic cancels out the super powers of its user, which is why Zo-Mar had no powers while using it, but displayed the normal Kryptonian-under-a-yellow-sun powers when lost the card to Superman. Superman wasn’t using the card, so it didn’t cancel his powers. That’s my guess.

I’m definitely looking forward to your next episode, looking at “Crisis on Infinite Earths” #5, particularly after the ending of #4, with two of the “main” Earths seemingly vanished into nothingness.

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