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SiC 16 — You’re Fired! (05:16:1985)

Reviewing Superman 410 (1:22) and Red Tornado 2 (20:16), and your feedback will be back in a special episode next week!

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Good Miracle Monday to you and all your listeners!
“Clark Kent — Fired!” was one in a line of stories going back to the Silver Age in which Clark Kent was fired or quit his job as a reporter, often to explore alternative secret identities. Usually, these ended with the return of Clark to his normal place and status. This time, it seems that something is seriously wrong with Superman’s mental state, thanks to Lex Luthor. I’m sure the status quo will be restored at some point, but it certainly seems like this will take a few issues.

As for Red Tornado #2, “Shattered”, wow, that’s a dramatic cover! Thank goodness Reddy can re-assemble himself like the Iron Giant! Superman certainly was a jerk, but at least he has the excuse of being mind-controlled. You’d think he’d work on a defense against that sort of thing, since it’s not unheard-of in his experience. I certainly wouldn’t blame the Tornado if he wanted nothing to do with the Justice League after this business, but, given his low self-esteem, I expect he’ll be very forgiving once it’s all explained.

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