Superman in Crisis

SiC Feedback Special 2

There were no Superman adventures published on this day in 1985, so I kick back with your feedback! Enjoy!

Episode art created by Flyingmouse365

2 replies on “SiC Feedback Special 2”

I’m going to be meta and leave feedback on your feedback response. First, I think, despite your “letting me off the hook”, I really should have figured out that the Anti-Monitor was an alternate Earth version of the Monitor. I’d been reading comics for about 25 years at that point, and alternate Earths, with evil counterparts, were a common enough idea in 1985, and, indeed, had already appeared in the Crisis itself, that I should have thought of it sooner in the Crisis.
On your other point that Superman shooting beams of heat or X-rays out of his eyes makes a kind of sense, I have to point out that sensory organs normally work one way — as receptors, not as emitters. If that made sense, couldn’t Superman blast sound out of his ears, or scents out of his nose? I won’t argue too forcefully against you “devil’s advocate” point of view (The Devil’s Advocate is a highly respected role in my own Roman Catholic church.), but I can’t really accept it. You mentioned Grant Morrison’s “take” on those versions of vision powers, but I think I prefer Elliot S! Maggin’s explanation from Miracle Monday, that Kryptonian eyes have both a passive (receptor) mode and an active (emitter) mode. That’s just my preference. You do you. Thanks, as always, for this podcast, which is making me think, and helping me see things from a different perspective.

P.S. I’m going back and re-listening to your short-lived “Giant Superman” podcast, just because I remember that you and Bob Fisher really seemed to be having fun with that. If you ever decide to get back to that (and that’s entirely up to you — no pressure), I’m all-in for it.

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