Superman in Crisis

SiC 21 — A Nightmare on Clinton Street (06:27:1985)

Reviewing Action Comics 571 (1:21) and World’s Finest Comics 319 (20:25) as well as responding to your feedback (37:48)!

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I think I understand why DC was only selling 60 thousand issues per title ( the exception being Teen Titans) , stories like these two comics. I respect anyone professional that has drawn or written comics for the big 2 but I have to say that these stories were pretty awful. It really feels like the editors were just marking time until Crisis reset everything. I appreciate your positive attitude towards these books, but I think you should get battle pay for having to review these tales. I think Jim Shooters head would have exploded has he been the editor, with the gaps in logic in this Action book. The villain in the World’s Finest looked like a copy of Nightmare from Marvel comics. And I consider Nightmare to be a D list character. Sorry for the negative feedback as I know you like to be positive, but Yikes.

I’m glad that the episode finally appeared; I was getting a bit worried about you! I’m glad it turned out to be nothing serious.

Since you already announced that there probably won’t be a feedback segment in next week’s episode, I’ll keep my comment brief. Listening to your description of Action Comics #571, it occurred to me that this was obviously a Bronze Age story, not a Silver Age one. If we’d still been in the Silver Age, Clark could have easily solved the “problem” of having to interview Superman by using one of his handy-dandy Superman robots! I don’t know exactly when those stopped being a thing, but they sure would have been useful in a situation like this!

The cover of Action 571 was certainly eye-catching, but, I have to agree with George that neither of these stories were stand-outs, and it does seem, at this late stage of the Silver/Bronze Age continuity, that many of the stories were “time-markers” until the Crisis.
I wasn’t a huge fan of the World’s Finest story, but I’ll reserve final judgment until the last part of the story.
Looking forward to/dreading coverage of Crisis #7 next time.

Great listen as usual, Jon.

I find myself wishing that the situation on DC Infinite was reversed and I could read the Action Comics issues instead of the World’s Finest issues. While AC might not have been the greatest, I usually find something to like with Maggin. WF, on the other hand, just isn’t doing much for me, though the Jose Delbo art was good.

To follow up on DCCP from the feedback section, my first issue off the spinner racks was #35 with Man-Bat and the Atomic Skull. I didn’t find another until #39 with Plastic Man and then bought when I could find them (#40 and #43 were next). That series was such a great way to find out more about the DC Universe regardless of quality (and at 10, 11 years old quality didn’t matter as much either).

Well, that’s it until next time. Congratulations on being a third of the way through!

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