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SiC 23 — No One Asked for You (07:11:1985)

Superman 412 is the topic today, featuring the return of my least-loved Superman character, and I respond to your feedback, (starting at 27:37)!

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Thank you for this episode. I know you’re taking things as they were published, so this wasn’t a deliberate “pick” for you, but, for me, it was a bit of a palate cleanser after the events of Crisis #7 from last episode, which was just what I needed, I think. As you noted, that was a difficult one for me.
I don’t have as strong an opinion on Steve Lombard as you (and quite a lot of other readers, I think) have, although I most often thought of him as a pretty unnecessary character. Most of the time, he’s rather a “bit character”, who doesn’t really move stories forward. He mainly seems to exist to unknowingly help Clark maintain his “meek” persona by playing his little pranks on Clark, while also giving us readers the secret satisfaction of seeing Clark often “getting him back”. Little would be lost by removing Steve from the stories, or from the continuity completely, and, later, when he did fade from continuity, I don’t think there was any great clamor from fans to bring him back.
I remember thinking, when this issue appeared on the stands, “finally!”, because it had felt so long since we saw the first part of the story, so I’m glad it’s back on track.
That cover really is a shocker when you realize how far into Lex’s abdomen Superman’s arm seems to be, and you realize “Wow! Superman just killed Lex Luthor!” Of course, with the Comics Code Authority seal on the cover, readers would no doubt know that this wasn’t “really” going to happen, but it’s certainly a grabber.
You know me well when you say, in your “next episode” teaser, that my ears would perk up at the mention of Superwoman — one of my favorite (though little-used) Bronze Age characters created by one of my favorite writers, Mr. Elliot S! Maggin, and I’m eagerly looking forward to that.
Thanks, as always, for the wonderful job you’re doing with Superman in Crisis.

So…unemployment. To be fair I did not apply for unemployment back in 1985 because I was nine and that would have looked weird. But in 2006 and 2015 I applied for unemployment after my employment ended at two of my jobs. The first time I had to go to the unemployment office and wait to use a computer to enter my info and a nice woman processed the rest of it and for the next three weeks I had to call a number to tell them if I had looked for work or not. In 2015 I applied online and then had to go to a class where it was made abundantly clear that the state I live in does not want to pay unemployment so we better find a job quick. The dude didn’t say that out loud but it was the subtext.

It turns out that I wasted my time in 2015. I had a severance package with the job that I left/didn’t find a place for me and the nine weeks between jobs was the exact amount of time of that severance and I get nothing, good day, sir.

Love the issue you talked about. I even liked the scenes with Lombard, who I hate.

Another great episode as usual, Jon. It was the perfect companion to mowing the lawn.

I’d made a mental note when you talked about Perry being forgetful and didn’t mention the mental health subplot, but then you came around to it. Makes sense that you weren’t thinking that way when you recorded it. My question is this: do you have a sense about how old Perry is supposed to be in these comics? I would say 60s, but I don’t know how close I actually am.

I don’t have much of a history with Steve Lombard, but I was bothered by one thing. It was implied that the kid closely followed the AFL…in 1985?? The AFL was looong gone by that point and the USFL was still a bit away. I thought that was weird.

I think Luthor doesn’t have smarter henchmen because he would be threatened by someone who is more intelligent. Also, Wanda, why Lex? You can do so much better.

I was really struck by Curt Swan’s panel layouts in this issue. I don’t remember him ever being so inventive. Flip back through without reading the story and I think you’ll see how they stand out.

Until next time!

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