Superman in Crisis

SiC Feedback Special 3

Reading and replying to your feedback over episodes 26 and 27, and generally relaxing and chatting with you along the way about anything that comes to mind

Episode art created by Flyingmouse365

3 replies on “SiC Feedback Special 3”

Jon, I think you’re the Wolverine of the podcast world. Last week I heard you on your program, Back to the bins and The Resurrections podcast. You might have to clone yourself soon.

What? I’m writing in again mere minutes after submitting comments on episode #27? How is that even possible??

Well, the beauty of a feedback special is that I don’t need to read anything first and can dive right in. Yay!

If I’m writing in with feedback on a feedback special, does that mean I’m creating a feedback loop? Can you tell I’m writing this after 9:00 on a Friday night after the first full week of school with included a Parent Night last night until 6:00 that meant I was at school more than 10.5 hours? No? Oh. Well, I am.

I do want to honestly say that I really enjoy you talking about where you are in the Superman read-through. I recently started the first Man of Steel Omnibus, so I’m five years or so behind you. It’s fun to see what I can remember of those stories and get excited for what I will eventually get to.

I also want to sincerely thank you for interacting with all of us like you do. This is a fun community and I highly enjoy our digital interactions. Hope your school year gets off to a good start!

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