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SiC 30 — Creeper Gonna Creep (09:05:1985)

Reviewing DC Comics Presents 88 and some small cameos in Infinity Inc. Annual 1!

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I have to say, I’ve never been a big fan of the Creeper as a character. He just seems too “nutty” for my taste, as if someone said, “Hey! What if the Joker were a superhero instead of a super villain? Still crazy as a bedbug, but fighting bad guys.” I particularly don’t think his style works well with Superman in a team-up. Just my opinion. Others’ mileage may vary.
I wish there had been a stronger connection to the Crisis in the Infinity, Inc., story, but it did provide some good “family” moments. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.
As always, none of this is a “slam” at your coverage, which is always enjoyable. Thank you.

Hi Jon! You know, I should have realized there was a specific reason for Superman and Creeper to both appear in Crisis #9 in the same sequence, and now I know why! It was solely to guerilla market DCCP #88.

I totally sympathize with your feelings on Keith Giffen’s artwork. Personally, I always like his stuff, and appreciate him experiment with his style instead of always looking the same. But, his styles have to be matched with the stories and characters, or the clash can be off-putting. For example, I think Creeper looks great in this issue, but not Superman. It’s just not the right look for Supes, so that’s a shame. Kind of like the Creeper himself, Giffen’s artwork here is a niche taste.

Just for fun, here’s my version of Giffen’s various art styles:
* Original Legion (Great Darkness saga)
* Ambush Bug (like in this issue)
* MaGiffen (borrows faces from Kevin Maguire, used in Legion 5YL most)
* Trencher (because used in well you know, also suited Lobo at that time)

I think I’ve read that Infinity Inc annual before, but not positive. Is it on the DCU Infinite app? Looking… looking… ah there it is! I’d read a summary of the story somewhere to be familiar with the kids parents, maybe a DC Heroes RPG sourcebook. It’ll be fun to refresh myself on the issue. Thanks for the reminder!

Till next time, keep on creepin’! Um, or maybe not.

Hi there, Jon! Can you believe I’m writing this on Thursday night? It might be the earliest I’ve ever been able to respond. Anyway, let’s both enjoy it because who knows when it will happen again?

Is this the most bizarre Crisis crossover? I read as many as I could back in the day and I don’t remember one like this. Not sure what the point was and the scene with Perry and Clark just seemed like it was randomly inserted; feels like that scene should have been in a main Super-title, doesn’t it?

I was a huge fan of Giffen’s work on Legion, so his new style in the mid-80s took some adjustment. I am generally pretty positive on it, but not so much in this issue. It’s very hard to tell what’s going on at points and there is sooo much white space in the issue. Ah well, you don’t always connect with the creators you love.

Okay, that’s it for now. Talk to you next time.

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