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SiC 31 — An Old Klingon Proverb (09:12:1985)

Reviewing Superman 414 and Super Powers 4 and responding to your feedback! No episode next week!

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I rememer reading “Revenge is Life — Death to Superman” back in 1985, when the death of Supergirl was still a recent event, so that final scene, with Superman returning her to her parents on Rokyn (or “New Krypton”), and the cry of grief at the end, just about broke my heart all over again. That remains my most vivid memory of this story. I found it interesting that one of the members of the Superman Revenge Squad seemed to speak with a rather Yoda-like syntax (but the other didn’t.). I guess that the Revenge Squad is inclusive of all species, as long as they hate Superman. I also thought that it was a good thing that Superman seemed to recognize the small Phantom Zone projector that Sylvia gave him, since it looks nothing like any version of a PZ projector I’d ever seen before.
In “There’s No Place Like Rome”, I liked that (of course) Superman had a working knowledge of ancient Latin, but Firestorm was clueless. That’s perfectly reasonable and funny at the same time.
Enjoy your brief respite from this podcast. I’m sure you’ll use the vast expanse of free time (Ha ha!) to grade papers, write lesson plans, and read comics.

Oh, and, by the way, you may rest assured that you are, indeed “cool”. Students and other younger people view “cool” as an absolute, that any given person is “cool” or “uncool” regardless of context, but those of us with more experience realize that “cool” is relative and context-dependent. A teacher in a classroom may be “cool” or “uncool” to students, who only know the teacher in that context, but those who know the teacher in other contexts (as, say, an amazingly well-read and well-informed comics fan), especially those of similar interests or tastes, will see that person as unequivocally cool. Once you focus on the right audience, revel in your coolness.

Hey, Jon. I agree with Dave that you are cool. Cool is in the eye of the beholder and to me, a guy with a good Superman podcast is cool. Also, 8th graders barely find anything cool, so don’t use that as your barometer.

As for the comics this time around, I actually liked the Super Powers issue more than Superman. As I was reading Superman, I did take a note that the story would probably make more sense when you put it in context and you certainly did. That’s something you are uniquely qualified to do and just one of the reasons why Superman in Crisis is so good.

A couple more notes on the issue – we get an almost flat panel from Swan on pg. 15 and I noticed a sound effect of “quiche.” What? “Quiche?” What does that sound like?

As for Super Powers, I enjoyed the Superman/Firestorm pairing. I was a big fan of Firestorm throughout the 80s and I know from your Twitter feed that you’ve been enjoying the adventures of Ronnie and Martin too.

Oh, you were talking about the reboot of The 100 as The 1000. That took place in Booster Gold, a series I absolutely loved. I even did a speech on the cover to #3 in my freshman English class. I even sprang for the two volume hardcover reprint of the series and do not regret it.

Okay, that’s it for me. Enjoy your week off!

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