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SiC 38 — The Einstein Connection (11:14:1985)

Reviewing Superman 416 and Super Powers 6, and responding to your feedback!

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You know I enjoyed this Action issue, with the connected chapters by Elliot S! Maggin, with the “feel good” stories of Superman and Lex Luthor, touching on my favorite idea — that, one day, Superman and Lex will be good friends. Also, from the moment Maggin started building the idea that Einstein was Luthor’s hero, the idea made perfect sense to me, and I’ve always enjoyed reading it. I agree that the “time-travel” hologram aspect of the story (and I think of these as two parts of the same story, really), isn’t really necessary. I like the idea that the boy that Luthor saved would grow up to treat his obsession with Superman, but the reader could take that as “fate” or “destiny” from reading the two together, and Superman could have commented on the “irony” of it, as he often commented back in the Silver Age days, without unnecessarily trying to influence his past self to do what he had done anyway, intentionally or not.
I hadn’t read Super Powers 6 before, so I can’t comment on that story, but I must agree with you that they couldn’t avoid the title “Darkseid of the Moon”. Seriously, you’ve got Darkseid on the moon! What else could they call it?
Looking forward to listening in a couple of weeks.

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving, Jon. Well, Thanksgiving was yesterday but I’m not going to say Happy Black Friday because that would just be silly. Happy Post Food Coma Day? Guess I should have workshopped these before typing…ah well. I do hope you enjoyed your holiday regardless of my verbal shenanigans.

The Superman issue sounds like it was a good one – too bad it’s not on DC Finite (to borrow Tim’s joke). The idea of the two stories enhancing each other is a good one and something that the comics medium can do really well if executed properly. I was in a comics shop in Milwaukee this past weekend and actually looked to see if they had it in the back issue bins, but alas. It’s okay, you did your usual excellent job of explaining it.

I found the end of the Super Powers mini to be not as strong as the series had been, but I guess that’s inevitable when you get to the climax of a story like this. Still, I’m glad I read it and wouldn’t have if you hadn’t covered it. So, thanks.

The comics you mention in your feedback section – Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, and Dr. Fate were all staples of my reading in the 80s. I reread the Booster Gold series when the hardcovers came out and plan to reread the others soon.

Speaking of rereading, I realize I misspoke when I said I’d finished the Man of Steel Omnibus. I finished Vol. 1 of the recent deluxe hardcover edition, which only goes through Superman #4, Action #587, and Adventures #428. Trying not to start more collections until I finish the ones I’m currently in the middle of…will be able to close out Crisis soon, though, won’t I?

Okay, that’s all I have. The hiatus has allowed me to catch up again – yay! I have 3 weeks left with students before the final break of the year. Almost there!

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