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SiC 40 — Fiveheads Are Eeeeevil! (12:05:1985)

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Wow! THREE episodes dropping on the SAME DAY! Merry Christmas to us, your listeners!
I have to say, my memory of Captain Comet’s origins, at least as of the time this issue came out, is different from the one you described. I don’t recall his being raised in the future at all. I remember it as “He was born a mutant a hundred thousand years ahead of his time”, that is, born in the 20th century, but as a human would be after a hundred thousand years of evolution, with advanced mental and physical abilities.
Although Brain Storm was never a particular favorite character of mine, he seemed appropriate for this story with Captain Comet and his mental abilities. The story itself was, as you said, mainly action-driven rather than character driven, but, Silver Age storytelling is mother’s milk to me, so I enjoyed it probably more than you did.
Glad you’re settling in to your new life in Indiana with Mindi (Hi, Mindy!) and your new teaching job. I was a high school math teacher, myself, but I have mad respect for middle school teachers. I know I wouldn’t be as good with students that age. God bless you.

Welcome back, Jon! You know, I was wondering how the Florida laptop and the tweets about not seeing Mindi made sense…and now I know. Knowing is half the battle, after all.

Congratulations on the new teaching gig. I get into some 7th grade math concepts with my high ability math group and we also do in Math Bowl (I’m one of the coaches), so we’ll be teaching some of the same concepts in the spring. Hope you’re joining a good staff at your new school.

As for DCCP, while I’m still not thrilled with the “new” logo (I know, it happened well over 30 years ago and I should just get over it), I did enjoy the story. The wackiness worked for me and also led to a funny title for this episode. Brainstorm’s helmet design is great too.

I don’t remember where I first encountered Captain Comet, but I have the same nostalgia for him that I do for the Forgotten Heroes, which was a team I absolutely loved when I discovered them in the pages of DCCP. Odd how his future state was more like a caveman than someone who was truly evolved.

Okay, I’ve got one of your new episodes down and will try to get to the next one within a couple days.

Hi Jon! Dang, I really missed your show, my friend. So glad it’s back and with a VENGEANCE! MWUH-HUH-HUH-HUHUHAHAHAHA! Gee, that was weird. I better write about this comic then call my therapist.

I first saw Captain Comet in Who’s Who and Crisis, so really no history beforehand. But I’ve always been grateful for those appearances and information when such characters come along later, such as this guy in L.E.G.I.O.N. in a few years.

Now Brainstorm! Oh, he first turned up in the wildest of things: a giant sized coloring book I was given for Christmas as a wee elementary school lad. It featured Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. It might have been marketed as Super Friends related, but the story took place on the JLA satellite, and no other Friends were in it. But Brainstorm was the bad guy, and taking on the big 3 meant he *must* be a serious villain, right? Of course not, but I’ll never forget him.

Now another tidbit is since BS (hee-hee Brainstorm’s initials are BS hee-hee, I’m so mature) wasn’t on the colored front or back cover, I had no idea what colors to use for his costume and helmet. I might have picked silver or grey for the helmet, but I clearly remember using green and purple for his costume. Why? Because the heroes were using up all of my red, yellow, and blue of course! So maybe that’s the secret of primary versus secondary colors in comics back in the hand coloring days before ‘puters. Because the colorist had to use what they could! I know that’s not true, but it tickles me.

Oh it was nifty to see Halley’s comet mentioned in this issue, but if you keep reading Batman and the Outsiders with The Truth About Looker, the comet plays a bigger important role in that story. I really want to hear what you think about it!

Well, I don’t have next episode’s Superman issue to read, so I’ll see you in Crisis #12. Thanks for reading!

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