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SiC 49 — An Unexpected Crossover (02:27:1986)

Reviewing Action Comics 579 and some brief involvement in All-Star Squadron 57, then replying to your feedback!

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This was a fun little change-of-pace issue. I realized, at the time it came out, that this was an homage or, as I saw it, a kind of spoof or parody in some ways, of Asterix, but I only knew of the French comic, but had never read it, so I’m sure I didn’t “get” all the references.
I laughed out loud when you mentioned that, strictly speaking, AD is a prefix, so it should go before the year. Maybe it’s a math teacher thing. I always taught my student that “AD is a prefix and BC is a suffix.” I said it so often, I think that some of them can probably repeat that, even to this day, after being out of high school for decades. I also reminded them that there was no “Year Zero”, so when they cross that boundary between BC and AD in calculations, they should be careful.

This sounded weird but not in a bad way. The thing that stuck out the most is how much of a child Jimmy can be sometimes. “Let’s go back in time and just grab it.” It’s not a loaf of bread, a quart of milk, and a stick of butter, Jimmy. It’s a historical item and taking it could wreck time.

In fact, this is what really caused the change in Superman’s history. Jimmy broke time so bad the Byrne revamp happened.

That’s my headcanon now.

Also…man, Jimmy sure was a player during this era. He dated a lot of women. Not that it’s bad, but coming from the Post Crisis where he was pretty much with Lucy until he wasn’t and then was and then wasn’t again it stands out.

Hello again, Jon. Took me longer than expected to comment on this episode. Ah, the life of a teacher as the grading period winds down.

This issue sounded very interesting with the faux Asterix characters. That’s not a comic I’ve read, but I always love some metatextualism in my art (as long as it’s done well).

I feel like I had a comment on your feedback to my feedback, but it’s been more than a week since I listened and I’m afraid it’s fallen out of my head.

Well, I guess I don’t have a ton more to say right now. Looking forward to reading the DCCP issue and hearing what you have to say.

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