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SiC 50 — It’s a Crisis Reunion! (03:06:1986)

Covering DC Comics Presents 94 and responding to your feedback! Also, you can read more about Alan Moore’s first Superman story here!

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Glad you’re back behind the microphone, and I’m glad you have a spiffy new podcasting set-up, but most of all, I’m beside myself with joy for you and Mindi. Congratulations to you both!
To be honest, I didn’t much care for “The Challenge of the Volt Lord!” when I first read it back in 1986. Besides beding less than enamored of the Crisis on Infinite Earths at the time (This podcast, and the passage of time, have mellowed my opinion.), I didn’t really see Lady Quark, Harbinger, and Pariah as “celebrities” worthy of a news piece, since I thought, in the aftermath of the Crisis, would the general public even remember the events of Crisis, or know who these people were?
I still think it was a lackluster story, but your coverage, particularly the way you talked about Lady Quark and Eric Courtney’s budding “romance”, and the importance of his using her real name of Tashana, made me look at it a bit more kindly. I do like it when someone causes me to readjust my opinion, and I thank you for that.
Thanks, too, for the link to Alan Moore’s “Protected Species”. That was a fun piece. I go hot and cold on Mr. Moore, and I’m always delighted when I read a story of his that I really enjoy. (“Mogo Doesn’t Socialize” is one of my favorites of his.)

Big congratulations on your engagement! I have to admit, I’ve been sort of expecting such news to come along, but I am surprised and thrilled that it’s come so soon. Best wishes to both of you.

I didn’t really think much of the story in this issue, to be honest, although the Perez cover was a nice treat. However, I was very interested in what you mentioned about the information in the letters page, alerting readers of the time to the changes in store for the Superman titles. Although I was reading comics at the time, I honestly don’t remember how much advance publicity there was for the coming reboot, especially for the more casual fans, who didn’t read Amazing Heroes every month. It’s kind of fun to be able to look back and track how DC announced the changes.

You’ve talked before about the fact that the Crisis wasn’t really a universe-wide reboot, as it’s often depicted. Your podcast has made that even more clear to me, given the six months between the end of Crisis and the beginning of John Byrne’s run. It’s funny, but in my memory those two things happened almost simultaneously. I’ve been surprised at how, for several months after the Crisis, Superman comics just kind of went on as normal. I would have sworn that Byrne took over within a few weeks of Crisis ending.

Here’s my hot take: I’m almost tempted to suggest that the reboot of Superman wasn’t actually connected to Crisis at all. The one didn’t cause the other. They simply happened at around the same time.

Everyone may now tell me how ridiculous that suggestion is. 🙂

Hi, Jon. First of all, many congratulations to you and Mindy on the engagement. Your happiness with her has been a really cool development over the course of the podcast and I am thrilled for both of you.

Now for the issue…I like the idea of having a story with the new characters from Crisis, especially with Harbinger. We got to see her pop up in DC books for a while before the mini-series even happened, so I felt like we knew her. However, this comic doesn’t do a lot to make the reader want them to stick around, does it? I mean, it’s fine enough, but not to the extent that you want more. The full reboot means they don’t really stick around anyway, though I did love Harbinger’s presence in History of the DC Universe.

Your mention of the energy blast that knocks Superman out for a moment reminds me of the “electricity is evil” segment on the JLU podcast with Cindy and Chris Franklin.

Okay, I think that’s everything this time out. As always, I look forward to the next one and try not to think about the fact we only have about 3 months left of the podcast (and a few weeks less as I write this).

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