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SiC 52 — The Day Superman Couldn’t Save (03:27:1986)

Reviewing Action Comics 580 and Superman’s activities on Earth-2 in All-Star Squadron 58!

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I enjoyed “The Day Superman Couldn’t Save!”, because it deals with the idea that even Superman has limitations, and those limitations must cause him some frustration and stress at times. I have a friend who has a concept he calls “the obscenity of Superman”, which is founded on the question: How dare Superman ever not be Superman? He claims that, if Superman would truly be a hero, and his Silver/Bronze Age version needs little or no sleep, he is morally obligated to save people and fight evil every single moment without rest. I point out such stories would eventually become repetitive and boring, and, if Superman were a real, non-fictional person, he would have the right to privacy, to rest, or simply the autonomy to do as he wishes. It’s a decades-long discussion.
“The Most Dangerous Toy on Earth!” was a rather slight story, but it must have given the real Christopher Ball a thrill to be included in a Superman story.
“The Mystery of the Missing Moon!” was okay, but does raise some interesting questions, even besides the ones you mentioned about the tidal effects of swapping the real and fake moons. Was the swap absolutely instantaneous? If the Klattoians could build a fake moon complete with technology to compensate for gravitational effects of the missing mass of a hollow moon, what minerals did they use to build that technology, since they said they couldn’t get them from beneath the ground of their own planet?
In All-Star Squadron #58, the structure which was a symbol (with the Perisphere) of the 1939 World’s Fair was the Trylon (for “triangular pylon”). Although I wasn’t a big fan of the issues toward the end of this run of this book from #58 through #60, once I realized who Mekanique was, I found her more interesting.
Thanks, as always.

Just so you know, when you recorded this, I still LOVED you and you didn’t even know it yet….you sounded like you terribly needed a Mindi to stare at you lovingly while you record…

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