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SiC #JLMay2023 — Their Ship Name Is SuperCats

Tying into the #JLMay2023 podcast crossover, Layne from the Batman Books podcast comes to talk with me about The Brave and the Bold 16!

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This is not a comic I’ve read, but, my ears perked up when you were wondering about the liquid in Clayface’s cave. That, I think, refers to the origin story of the Silver Age Clayface, “The Challenge of Clayface” in Detective Comics #298, cover-dated December 1961. In that story, treasure hunter/explorer Matt Hagen had discovered a cave containing a pool of mysterious liquid, into which he fell, turning him into the clay-human figure of Clayface. He found that, by focusing his mind, he could transform into anything he could imagine, and pursued a life of crime. He also realized, over time, that his power needed to be renewed periodically by returning to that pool. Silver Age, baby! Nothing like it!

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