Superman in Crisis

SiC 54 — I Want My ImpTV (04:10:1986)

Reviewing Superman 421. Your feedback will return in a future episode. Just trying to catch up!

One reply on “SiC 54 — I Want My ImpTV (04:10:1986)”

Glad to hear you back in my headphones. Thank you!
I haven’t thought about this story in ages, but, now that you’ve brought it back to my attention, I wondered, briefly, if it wasn’t Mxyzptlk, but his mad cousin Nzykmulk who appears in “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow”. It’s not, of course, but that would have made an interesting call-back to this otherwise obscure story.
This story also reminded me (by their absence) of the music videos that were the staple of MTV in those days. Who’d have thought we might come to miss those? I don’t really miss the “glam-punk” look of the mid-80s, even for the nostalgia factor, but I guess it does have a place in this story.
As to the question of whether Mxyzptlk knew Superman’s secret identity: I don’t think he did in the Silver and Bronze Ages, but I think it was because he didn’t care. It would certainly have been an easy thing for him, but I always assumed he’d have thought “Why would Superman have another identity?”
I’m eagerly looking forward to your next episode.

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