Superman in Crisis

SiC 55 — All in Your Head (04:24:1986)

Reviewing Action Comics 581, All-Star Squadron 59, and Last Days of the Justice Society Special! Your feedback will return soon!

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From Action Comics #581, I thought “Superman For a Day!” was a nice little exploration of a kind of kid’s fantasy of “What if I could be Superman?”, and I liked it for what it was. Nothing really too deep or heavy, and back to the status quo in the end. It felt rather “Silver Age” to me (and I mean that as a compliment). “Even Superman Needs a Lawyer!” also felt like a kind of “I wonder if Superman ever gets sued”-inspired story, as if Cary Bates and Michael J. Wolf were “spitballing” in the writers’ room about offbeat but interesting things for Superman to deal with. Neither story has any major revelations or repurcussions, but they were both light, fun reads.
From All-Star Squadron #59, I liked your thoughts on whether Aquaman was both an Earth-2 and Earth-1 hero, or just Earth-1, and I agree that it’s ultimately up to the reader’s choice, given a lack of clear evidence in the actual comics.
Last Days of the Justice Society Special was kind of a “downer” for fans of the Justice Society, but a noble and heroic “end” for them. I am glad it wasn’t permanent, but then, how many things really are permanent in comics, anyway?
Thanks, as always, for the fun you bring to your listeners.

Hello Mr. Wilson I loved this episode, I am looking forward to introducing this to my dogs. P.S. Your voice is relaxing.

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