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SiC 57 — The Wolf of Clinton Street (05:08:1986)

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2 replies on “SiC 57 — The Wolf of Clinton Street (05:08:1986)”

An enjoyable episode covering an okay story. Nothing special, but not bad, as some stories were (to me) in these days shortly before the end of the pre-Crisis continuity. I can’t say I’m eager for coverage of “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” coming soon, but I will be interested to hear your thoughts on it, if only for the perspective of someone who’s read so much of Superman’s history, but who wasn’t reading it at the time these stories were written. Different times; different fandoms — different views?

Welcome back Jon. I have heard you on other podcasts and it’s nice to hear you resume this one. I hope everything is okay with your gal and new house. Another Superman wolf man story, it was just ho hum unfortunately. I’m anticipating your thoughts on the upcoming Alan Moore story. I just can’t believe that you’ve never read it. I thought every comic fan in existence had.

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