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SiC 59 — My Sister’s Keeper (05:29:1986)

Lois Lane 1

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I had not read the Lois Lane story “When It Rains, God is Crying”, so I thank you for covering it. I assume that Issue #2 will give us not only a good story on the abducted children, but perhaps some closure for Lois and Lucy’s story, as well. Fingers crossed, on that last thing.
I had read All-Star Squadron #60, so I recalled that story, although I probably only half-realized, based on the changing photograph, that Mekanique’s machinations (try saying that fast!) would lead to the wrapping up of the Earth-2 continuity. *sigh*, as we would say back in the Silver Age.
Other than the Lois Lane wrap-up, I can’t say I’m eager for the remainder of the stories coming up (the Phantom Zone story in DC Comics Presents and the two-part “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”), because I really didn’t like those stories the first time around, but I am interested to hear your coverage and opinions of them. Thanks for this podcast. I really have enjoyed it, even the episodes that covered issues or stories I didn’t much care for. Your work has been excellent.

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